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Nýr krani

Í mars 2015 var keyptur nýr krani af gerðinni Grove GMK5130-2. Hann hefur lyftigetu upp á 130 tonn.  

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Then I have a hot cup it not tea

My dinner is really light. Then I have a hot cup it not tea, it made from 20 30 herbs mixed and I get it from Kerala. Then I have idli because it very good for the system. I’m sure that you have never heard of the “Mormon Meteor” but it was a big thing […]

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It developed in these different

canadian goose jacket Heart intelligence frees us from this habit as we develop meditation which is our ability to be, offer, and receive our heart. There is no need to hold so tightly our worldly identity, a larger identity is moving and changing us. Clearing the cloud of excessive thought, removing the debris of too […]

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