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I don’t even know what it is

The pocket was kind of obvious, and was perhaps meant to be a red herring. The imaginary cards took quite a bit of time to set up within the routine, and there would be many ways to add alternative distractions from the pocket. Finally, if it were only the pocket, then why have the table […]

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Cllr Mike Sargeant pointed out students in Cambridge

buy canada goose jacket Day 48: The experiment is over. 98% of the worlds govenments are under my thumb, the rest destroyed by nuclear hellfire. Shame because I had really fun plans for North Korea. Me TimeThere are many things you can do to each morning that will help you to make the most of […]

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This after I opened my house to him

The potential 2020 Democratic field includes dozens of would be contenders, such as former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. One advantage Steyer would bring to the race, according to his team, is a network of more than 6 million grass roots supporters built through his […]

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